Gift Certificates

Take the hassle out of shopping with a gift certificate from Coyote's Game.

We can send an attractive gift certificate in any multiple of $5.00. Use our toll free number, (800) 952-5214 to order. Postage (shipping) for gift certificates is free anywhere in North America. Outside of North America a charge of $3.00 will be added to cover overseas air mail postage costs.

What Do You Get?

The recipient gets an attractive gift certificate in the mail notifying them of your gift. We can add a personalized message at no extra charge. You receive an invoice with all ordering information. All of our policies apply to gift certificates, just as if a specific item had been purchased.

Coyote's Game Sales and Discounts

A Coyote's Game gift certificate can be used to buy any sale item. Items purchased with a gift certificate are eligible for all applicable discounts.

How It Works

When the recipient fills out the Coyote's Game order form, it is handled like a cash purchase. Instead of typing in a check number, they type in the gift certificate number, and in the Special Shipping Instructiors or Comments box type “Gift Certificate”. All items purchased will be shipped on receipt of the order. If there is a balance of $1.00 or more, the recipient can ask for the balance in cash in the Special Shipping Instructions or Comments box and we will refund them the unspent balance by check. No refunds are available for balances under $1.00.


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