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Discounted Native American Indian Jewelry and Beadwork

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Shop for bargain Native American Indian jewelry and beadwork at reduced prices.

These are the same quality items as those sold in the Coyote’s Game Native American crafts internet store. Some of the items are perfect but discontinued and are marked down for that reason. Others have defects or minor damage that keep them from being listed on the Coyote’s Game general merchandise pages. If the item has a defect, it is noted in the description of that item. We do not sell any broken or unusable merchandise.

Conditions of Sale - Please Read Carefully

All Bargain Basement merchandise is sold as is. Because these items are marked down, they do not come with the option of free gift wrap.

All Coyote's Game policies, except free gift wrap, apply to Bargain Basement merchandise. This includes refunds. If you have questions about any item listed in our Bargain Basement, we invite you to email us for more information.

Coyote's Game now offers shipping to U.S. destinations by U.S. First Class Mail. Please note that First Class Mail is not available for items that weigh over 13 oz. when packed, or for multiple items where the total weight is over 13 oz. when packed.

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