Children and Modern Beadwork

Our beadwork is intended for use as jewelry and clothing adornments.

The beads used for today’s fine beadwork are made of glass. It’s not a good idea for children to play with something made from small pieces of glass that can be pulled off and chewed.

In order to make these glass beads easier to facet, and to create the beautiful sparkle and colors we associate with beadwork, some beads contain small amounts of lead. Crystal beads contain up to 23 percent lead which is added during the manufacturing process. The US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 sets levels on the amount of lead permissible in products used by children. All beads containing lead exceed the maximum tolerance for children as defined by the CPSI Act. This means that lead in the glass is harmful if put in the mouth or inhaled.

Coyote’s Game wants our customers to be aware that the beautiful, hand made Native American beaded jewelry we sell is not intended for children age 13 and under. Beads and beaded jewelry are not toys.


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