About Us

Coyote's Game was established in 1999, with the idea of creating a business offering original, truly hand-made items from New Mexico and the Southwest. Our goal was not to compete with the big trading posts, but to create a unique web store offering quality products to showcase the artists and artisans of this culturally rich area.

Over the years we were contacted by skilled Native American artists from other parts of the United States, and we added their work to Coyote's Game, but the spirit of our business is rooted in the Southwest. Most--but not all--of our artists are Native. Where no tribal affiliation is given, the artist is not American Indian or is not enrolled in a federally recognized tribe. All of the Native American artists whose work is offered on Coyote's Game are members of state or federally recognized tribes.

A dedication to quality and respect for indigenous culture led to Coyote's Game buying only from individual artists or families, and from reputable Native American crafts cooperatives.

In the past years many things have changed. The American Indian people who carry on traditional crafts are faced with higher costs for materials--everything from silver to beads has skyrocketed--along with the general inflation affecting our economy. Because of this the artists have raised their prices and, as a consequence, so have we. But in a world of mass produced consumer goods, the intrinsic value of a truly hand made item is far greater than its actual dollar value.

Just as it's our policy to respect customer privacy, we also respect the privacy of our artists. We do not give out contact or personal information about anyone we buy from.

We are dedicated to the policy of fast, honest transactions. However, following safety measures during the pandemic means that it may take a little longer than normal for your order to get to you.

  • We offer a full refund policy on regular merchandise.
  • We offer personal service.
  • We have a strong customer privacy policy. Under no condition will we trade or sell your name, email address or any other information you may give us in confidence to another organization, on or off-line.
  • If you would like to be added to our email list for sale announcements please email us.
  • Can't find something special? We'll try to get it for you at the best price possible. There's no extra charge for this service.

We strive to provide old-fashioned quality and service using modern technology.

If you have any suggestions to make our site better or easier to use, please send us an email to let us know.

We value your patronage.


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